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Classic Square  metre yachts and International 6 metre R-yachts

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Classic Square Metre Yachts in fibre glass with a wooden feel

 Newly built but at the same time classic in design and well sailed. That is what a brand new SK30 or A22 has to offer. With a design inspired by the world renowned yacht designer Knud. H. Reimers last Square Metre Yacht from the 1980’s. These yachts have their heritage in Knud. H. Reimers successful yachts from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

 A sandwich construction is used for manufacturing the hull. The keel is made of lead and the could-moulded plywood deck is covered with either teak or oregon pine. Teak and mahogany is used for the cabin, carmings and the interior and the mast and spars are made from aluminium. For the A22’s and SK30’s the deck and cabin is available in fibre glass for customers with a preference for fibre glass boats. The boats can be ordered either as semi-manufactured articles or ready to sail, entirely dependant upon what is required.  Ten SK30’s and 2 A22’s have so far been manufactured at Jansson and Zarins.

International 6 and 8 metre R-yachts

 Since the business started in 1980 no fewer than nine R6´s have been built, all by Peter Norlin, a world leading international 6m R-yacht constructor. Amongst the more famous of the R6´s which have left the yard is “Notorious” S-114. The 1987 R6 World championships, held in the USA, boasted 3 boats built by Jansson and Zarins. All 3 boats finished with good placings.

 For the 1980 world championships for international R8´s two boats ,“Mr E” and “Sprite”, were constructed at Jansson and Zarins. The boats were built from drawings by Pelle Pettersson who, amongst other things, produced the drawings and sailed the R12 yacht “Sweden” in the Americas Cup 1977 and 1980.

Keel constructions for round the world sailing

 The yards involvement in preparations for “The Cards” participation in the Whitbread round the world race included building the boats keel model. For Whitbread 1998 complete keels were built for the EF-boats. Towards the end of the 1980’s wing-keels have become more popular on R6’s.        The yard have also been involved in modifying keels on    several R6’s.